Just like any other game, Soccer betting will have two types of punters:  we have those that want to have fun and those who bet to win. Whichever the case, the ultimate goal for online betting soccer is to beat bookies.  Now it is important to mention here that the outcome of soccer is quite unpredictable yet it looks so easy. In fact, this is what draws many punters into soccer betting. Luckily, there are plenty of guidelines that you can rely on to increase the possibility of winning.

First, as a punter, you need to be confident about how you bet. So the following aspects are critical for anyone who wants to make good money on Premier league bets online.

Team Form

It is important that you check the team’s recent performance before you place any bet on it. Recent match reports could be helpful and may tell you if the team didn’t win because the opposition’s goalkeeper was at his best.

Home and Away Records

As you go through the team’s statistics, you need to beware that some teams play better away than they do at home. Also, many teams never lose a game at home, but they lose easy games when they are away.

The History of the Two Clubs

If you chose to bet on premier league online, the history of the two clubs is critical. It is possible that you may have heard people say that history repeats itself year after year. So you need to check out how these two teams faired on in their previous matches. Thus, before you place your bet on any one of them, take some time to look at their history.

Team News

Suspensions and injuries are important aspects that determine how a team will perform in the subsequent matches. So it is imperative that you check the records of substitutes that will replace the injured or suspended players.


The team’s motivation has a role to play in the team’s overall performance. Looking at whether they need the points especially if you are interested in Premier league betting is necessary. Other factors such as the team’s interest in the domestic cup should be analysed.


It’s necessary that you check out the team’s schedule. If you realise that the team has been involved in a tight schedule, it means that they are tired and so chances of performing well are minimal. If the last game the team played demoralized the players, you need to think twice before placing your online bet on the team.


This is a little bit tricky, but the rule of the thumb is that bookmakers with the highest standard should be considered. Look at their customer support, the fees they charge and the team of experts they engage.

Other than these parameters, you should only bet on what you can afford to lose. Defining the staking system is critical. Also, do not waste your time betting for leagues or teams that you do not understand. Lastly, ensure that you stick to a staking system and don’t be overconfident because soccer matches are quite unpredictable. Notice that betting at the start of the season should be avoided. Ensure that you analyse the teams and be prepared to learn from mistakes.

Note that just like any other game, soccer bets rely on discipline. So you should keep your cool and remain calm. This will help you even when you win or lose a big game. Don’t chase a big loss by betting big. Also, a big loss should not lure you to sporadic and frequent betting.

Football World Cup

If you decide to participate in World cup betting, picking a few countries that you have watched play and you know some of the players could be helpful. Teams with top players such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi should not be ignored. Remember these are teams whose performance revolves around their key players. Their players can take on any defender and score unimaginable goals.  Look at the rating the team enjoys. Teams like Brazil, Spain, Argentina, and others can always make a remarkable comeback and win matches. Therefore, looking at the team’s history should guide you to place your Bet on the world cup matches.

The role played by bookmarkers in determining how matches will be played in the world cup remains key and can help you win matches. Scan through the predictions and suggestions by leading bookmakers. Take note of the host country. It has better chances of winning the preliminary matches, and so you will be better off when you place your World cup bets on the team.

Also, you need to look at the groups to have a rough idea of what is expected. For instance, the forthcoming world cup has Russia which is considered the weakest team in the 2018 world cup. However, they are expected to progress to the second round alongside the group favorites Uruguay. So placing your bets on Russia and Uruguay could put some money in your pocket.  On the other hand, Group B is considered the group of death in the 2018 world cup. Most of the teams in this group have superstars that can be relied on to produce results. As such, matches in this group could go either way. So if you are placing your bets on any team in this groups, you should take a lot of care.

The other important thing that should not be ignored by those who will decide to place their soccer bets on world cup teams is the rivalry between the teams. Teams that have encountered each other in the recent matches may be difficult to predict.  Opponents will be out to prove a point, and it throws the result of such matches wide open.

The strength of the team is another important aspect that will play a critical role in determining how pundits will place their world cup bets. For instance, France which is considered the strongest team in Group C will rely on its strength to progress to the quarters and semi-finals. Of course, they are expected to easily sail through the first round and emerge at the top of the list.

At this point, I believe you have ideas that you can rely on to pick the 2018 world cup teams that will win most bets in the tournament.