RBB Plans to Boycott Wanderers Matches

Western Sydney Wanderers have lost their supporters after a group of their fans announced that they will no longer support the team. The Red and Black Bloc said that they will boycott the remaining matches of the season following the announcement that they would face increased security.  Gombau has called upon Wanderers to win the Saturday match where they are scheduled to play against Brisbane Roar. The Wanderers are likely to play this crucial match in a vacant arena and so the boycott by the RBB fans is likely to compound matters for them.

RBB announced the boycott of the game on social media today after learning that they could face an increased security following their bad behaviour this season. RBB chant leader has been barred from attending home matches and the group has been warned that their “capo stand’’ will be removed for the remaining part of the season. Following this revelation, the RBB have announced that they would protest the actions by boycotting the matches. Gombau said that he is disheartened by the boycott especially at this hour when they really need the support from their fans to put their performance on the track. He said that he was looking forward to having as many people as possible on the field to help them feel at home and win the match.

Elsewhere, James Young has paid tribute to former Roar Goalkeeper Michael Theo.  He said that Theo has been a better Goalkeeper at Brisbane Roar where the two stars battled for the number 1 jersey for four years. Last week, Theo confirmed that he will be departing from Brisbane Roar towards the end of this season after staying with the club for eight years. Young has been at the club for four years and has cemented himself as a number one choice goalkeeper for the team. Theo has not played for quite a while now after he injured his finger.

The two goalkeepers have competed for the number one jersey for four years but this has not affected the way they relate. Young said that Michael is a good person who has remained friendly and said that he would always shake Young’s hand and wish him well on the pitch.  Because of this, he said that he has a lot of respect for the player. It is this friendly gestures that have helped Young cement himself as a number one choice goalkeeper for Brisbane Roar. He concluded by saying that Theo is A-leagues most colourful player who has won five championships. He has helped Brisbane win three championships.



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