Socceroos Are Getting Their House in Order

Thomas Sorensen former Danish world Cup goalkeeper has urged his homeland team to take Socceroos seriously in their group stages matches. He said that Socceroos looked good in their match against Columbia which ended in a draw. This was a great improvement given that they lost 4-1 to Norway last weekend.  However, Sorensen said that no one should put much weight into the results. The Australian side is already preparing for the World Cup and teams will have to respect them because they look formidable and capable of causing problems if underrated.

Meanwhile, Denmark is looking forward to winning the match against Australia. On the other hand, Australia will also look and hope to win the match. Socceroos are in the same group with Denmark, Peru, and France.  It means that Marwick who took over from Ange Postecoglou has a few months to fine-tune his team. According to Sorensen, Rogic will have to use the world cup to redeem himself after an injury stopped him from making a mark four years ago. He is confident that the 25-year-old has a chance to become an international star. Australian players will use this coming world cup to showcase their talent. Sorensen said that everyone will be out to look at who Rogic is.  Sorensen said this in Adelaide heading to Sydney in a 3500-kilometer ride whose goal is to help raise about $100,000 for ill children.  He retired from soccer last year after 24 years of playing. He played in the 2002 and 2010 world cup. He also played over 400 games in England.  On his way to Gardens in Sydney, he met patients and families at Centenary Hospital.

Sorensen said that they had covered 3000kilometers and everyone had been good. So far, they had managed to raise a good percentage of the targeted figure. However, he said that they still had to go to Mt Kosciuszko.

Australis looked week and were quite uncoordinated when they crashed against Norway last Saturday in icy Oslo. In the match Against Colombia, they played with passion and commitment as they tried to adapt to the demands of coach Marwijk. They looked disjointed and disorganized when they played Norway but in Colombia’s match, they looked cohesive and organized both in the midfield and defense. It should be remembered that Colombian is a better team compared to the Scandinavians.

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