Philadelphia 76ers Increase Their Chances of Finishing Fourth

Philadelphia 76ers registered 108 -94 win against Charlotte Hornets. Simon was the star of the day. He scored 11 points, 15 assists and 12 rebounds, which helped the Sixers remain hopeful of finishing in the fourth position in the eastern conference. This would earn them a home court advantage in the playoffs.
It also gives the 76ers the easiest schedule in the season. However, they must go past Indiana and Washington if they want to grab the fourth slot which will help them stave off meeting Boston or Toronto until later. According to the 76ers coach, they are aiming at playoffs and they are quite close to achieving this goal. Brown added that they can only achieve their goal if they guard and play defense. The team has had countless dark days ever since Brown joined them in 2013, but they have improved steadily and are nowadays featured the favorite in the majority of the games they play.

Elsewhere, Tyronn Lue, the Cleveland coach is still battling a mystery illness. He has already missed part of the games this season and will be expected to miss more. In a statement released alongside Cavs general manager, he said that he has had chest pains and loss of sleep. The doctors have carried out numerous tests but they are yet to make a conclusion on what is ailing him. However, he was hopeful that he would be back in a week’s time. Altman said that the club understands the difficult circumstances the coach is in and they are supporting him to address the issue. On Saturday, Lue had to stay in the locker room leaving the team to his assistant Larry Drew after a halftime. In another match, the team secured a 124-117 win against the Milwaukee Bucks where LeBron James had the season’s 16th triple-double. He scored 40 points, added 12 rebounds and had 10 assists.

Meanwhile, Turner Myles scored 21 points while Oladipo Victor scored 20 to help Indiana Pacers to beat Los Angeles Lakers 110-100. In the New York Knicks vs Chicago Bulls, the bulls went down after being thrashed 110 -92. In the Brooklyn Nets vs Memphis, Grizzlies Brooklyn won after crushing Memphis Grizzlies 118-115.

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