Mourinho Defends Himself after Losing to Sevilla

Mourinho Defends Himself after Losing to Sevilla

Sevilla Eliminated Manchester United from the Champions League forcing Jose Mourinho to launch a 12-minute defense of his record at the club. He said that he had achieved more with United than what they achieved in the last 6 years.  This season, Manchester United have no hope of winning the Premier League and so the elimination from the Champions League means that it is only the FA cup that gives them the hope of getting a silverware.

Mourinho said that he chose to come to the club to face the challenges and that he will not run away especially at this point when Manchester United are preparing to face Brighton in the quarter-final on Saturday. He argued that fans are just fans and are entitled to their opinion.  He observed that other than 2008 when Manchester won the Champions league, they performed decimally in 2011and 2012 where they were eliminated in group phases. He argued that this year, they faced similar opponents including Benfica, Galati, Basel.

In 2014, they were eliminated in the quarter-final, while in 2015 they did not qualify. In 2016 they were eliminated in the phase. In 2017 they won Europa League while in 2018, lost in the last 16. According to him, the club has had four managers in the last seven years; they missed to qualify once, they were eliminated twice in the phase and the best they have done is to reach the quarter-final. So the club suffers from football heritage.

When it comes to the club’s performance in the Premier League, the last win was 2012-13. Manchester United finished fourth in four consecutive seasons, fished, fifth, sixth and seventh. This implies that their best performance in the last 4 years was finishing in the fourth position. Again this is a sign of football heritage.  So the fans that are disappointed are those who don’t understand football heritage. He said that when he arrived at Real Madrid, it is only Xabi Alonso, Iker Casillas, and Cristiano Ronald who had played in the Champion League quarter-final. The rest of the players had not.

Mourinho further said that in the past 7 years, the worst position Manchester City had held in the League was position four. In the same period, they were champions twice and second twice.  According to him, this is their football heritage.

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