Lance Franklin Plays His Heart Out

Lance Franklin played his heart out against West Coast, a thing that has made Adelaide say that it will require a team’s effort to contain him when they meet them next weekend. According to Jarred McVeigh, this was the best performance he has ever had terming it the finest the player has had while wearing red and white. He scored a total of eight goals which McVeigh termed as fantastic. It is Franklin’s ability to contest against more than two opponents as well as his chase rate that made him rise above the rest of the players.  McVeigh said that it is his work rate that gave him an upper hand.  It was revealed that his play off the ball was also quite impressive.

Meanwhile, Franklin’s former teammate Tom Mitchell has broken the FL possession record. He had 54 possession against Collingwood on Saturday. Buddy was able to generate over 175 points compared to 167 generated by Mitchel.

The star is a hard worker and his labor has helped to generate more opportunities which helped his team to shine.

McVeigh says that he is a great player who was capable of fighting through more than two defenders. Even though, it is important to note that he is turning 31 and everybody was expecting that he will start showing signs of wear and tear. Unfortunately, he has not shown those signs. He played his 51st game on Sunday and has not missed any game since 2015.  It means that he does not look like he is declining.

Last season was his greatest despite the fact that he had three operations. He never missed workouts, a thing that kept him fit throughout the season. Buddy is also known for fare game and Franklin doesn’t play a bad game either.  Notice that he is loved by everyone, no wonder that McLachlan said that Swans should consider extending his contract beyond 2022.  According to McLachlan, it is a blessing to have a player like Franklin playing for the team because he is physically fit and capable of steering the team to victory. He is one of the few players who have speed and size. So McLachlan feels that having the player on the team is a blessing.

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