Kagiso Rabada’s Lawyer Pokes Holes into ICC Judicial Council System

South Africa wants the ICC judicial council overhauled after poking holes in its system when defending Kagiso Rabada. Mohammed Moosahjee hailed the appeal victory and termed it a critical test for cricket. He said that it was time the ICC disciplinary charges were reviewed. Rabada’s lawyer who is highly profiled was praised for his skills that helped to bring justice to ICC.

Rabada celebrated the ruling even though Moosaiee admitted that he should pull his head but termed the initial ICC decision as unfair. According to South Africa’s officials, the ICC’s disciplinary process is broken and unfair. Moosaiee said that it was erroneous for anyone to discuss the pros of the case even though he admitted that there were lessons to be learned.  In one of the twits, it was suggested that it was time that we looked into the entire process and the words used in ICC’s code of conduct.

Moosaiee said that their argument did not point to the other cases especially the one in which Sri Lanka and Bangladesh players almost fought in the concluded T20 international. However, he admitted that ICC was not consistent. He cited the inconsistencies and selective application of ICC’s code of conduct as one area that needs to be looked into.

According to the Ottis Gibson the South African coach, the victory was motivating and it will give his players a boost in tomorrow’s match in Cape Town. He praised the victory but said that Rabada needs to check his aggressiveness which has seen him get sanctioned 5 times. He said that pumping Rabada at this point was not necessary but everybody was happy that he has been allowed to play. The player is not badly behaved but he is at times exuberant when excited. This, he said is normal when playing one of the top teams in the world.

All he needs to know is that there is a limit when celebrating and knowing his space as a batsman is important if he wants to take his career to the next level. What the player needs to do at the moment is to avoid anything that could lead to more charges that can result in suspension. Gibson said Rabada is a smart kid who has learned a lesson from the weekends happening and is unlikely to repeat the mistake.  He has a strong character and was on the pitch practicing six hours after leaving the court. He has been made aware of his responsibilities.

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