David Barlow Focusses On NBL Title

David Barlow understands what it means to chase the NBL title after going through a cruising 2017 final series. He is a veteran who has enjoyed a very illustrative career including featuring in three NBL titles. Barlow has come home but he has had consistent nagging injuries that have reduced his time on the court. Melbourne United has fielded him as a power forward even though he is a well-known defensive ace. On Friday, he helped united thrash Adelaide 36ers 101- 98

Melbourne will be heading into the fourth game in Adelaide this Sunday with a 2-1 lead.  Any win in the game will help them claim the championship. Barlow and David Andersen have on several occasions been called upon to help Melbourne and will be called again to help United make the home fans happy. In the match against New Zealand, Barlow was on the mark several times and hit important baskets during the second half. He noted that most of his players do well when facing an away crowd and he was happy that he is participating in the grand final after 10 years. He said that he has really struggled to get back since he got home. He added that it has been so difficult while away and that he is happy that he is at home where there is pressure and craze.

Barlow further said that he really loves it when there is too much emotion and that he missed much while away. He was disappointed at the accusations leveled against him by Josh Childress. Josh accused him of tunneling him when he attempted to dunk. Childress broke his shoulder after he drove into Barlow’s body. Barlow said that he loves the game and he believes in a fair game. He added that indeed he had fouled him and was punished by having two free throws against his side.

Meanwhile, Barlow has said that whatever happened will not stop him from preparing for the championship. There are plenty of things to focus on and so as a player, it is important that he remains focused. He said that he was aware that the last step is the biggest and that they are nowhere near the finishing line even though he knows that the last win is always the toughest.



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