Is The Uncertainty About TAB Sale Coming To An End?

The sale of the state-owned betting agency of Western Australia was proposed four years ago, but so far nothing has happened. This has affected the racing industry figures who keep hoping that soon the fate of the TAB will be made public. The uncertainty in the sale has impacted negatively on the confidence in the industry, and prominent figures want the matter to be resolved quickly.
At some point, it was doubted whether the TAB would be sold. In fact, one of the racing figures described it as a noose that was hanging on the industry’s neck. The noose must be removed as soon as possible to allow people some breathing space. Unfortunately, none of the stakeholders in the sector can tell whether the TAB will be privatized or will continue to remain in the public hands.
According to Ben Wyatt, the issue has remained unresolved for a long period, and something needs to be done urgently. He hopes that a decision about the TAB will be made in May even though he acknowledges that there is uncertainty on both the Government and the TAB’s ends. He insisted that it was his wish that a decision is made in May since such a decision would be important for the racing industry that has heavily relied on gambling revenue to finance its operations.
Major players in the industry have lamented that the uncertainty is having a big impact on the industry and has greatly affected investment. One of the reasons cited by investors is that they are unable to plan because they are not sure of how the industry will move forward.
According to undisclosed sources, the sale of the tab could help the AW government reduce its debt by $11b. Unfortunately, the sale of the TAB is still in doubt, and this is making it difficult for people to have confidence in the industry. According to another prominent figure in the industry who requested not to be named, the impact of the uncertainty is so enormous that it will continue to impact on the industry for many years. He added that the industry was not doing well and allowing this to continue will be catastrophic.
The treasurer has indicated that the final decision on whether to sell the TAB or not would come soon even though he cautioned the players that the industry had had similar pledges before. MR Simonetti said that the question has been on the lips of many players in the industry and has greatly reduced the confidence in the industry.

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