The Inglis Family Moves To the Riverside Stables

The $140 Million Riverside Stables by Wiliam Inglis’ family have been opened. The Stables is located close to Warwick Farm in western Sydney. It is expected that it will boost the local economy since it has stables for over 800 horses. Also, it boasts of a five-star hotel, a sales arena as well as parade spaces.

The complex has well-manicured lawns, a river bank, and adjoining Public Park. However, it is so close to the river and environmentalists fear that the sediment may run off the bank and end up in the river.  The surrounding area around the stable is well vegetated has a nice width and a variety of trees that make it look natural with roots that hold the bank together. However, on the side, the stable needs sediment control because plenty of the exposed soil may be eroded away. Also, the area is characterized by a large flow of water which could rip the sediment out.

According to mark Webster the Inglis Managing Director, a lot of weeds and rubbish have been removed from the riverbank, and more than 40,000 plants have been planted to help rejuvenate the river bank.  He said that everything that they have done to the bank adhered to the plan that was given to them by the Primary Industry and Agriculture department.  Special plants and seeds have been planted among the rocks to help slow down the water flow into the river.  “Even though some vegetation has been lost along the river as a result of the development, it is just a matter of time before everything looks pristine’’ Said Mark Webster.

Meanwhile, Stuart Ayres, the western Sydney minister said that he was satisfied with the standards and what Inglis has done.  The council had put an eye on everything that Inglis was doing and the entire development.  It now hopes that the stable will boost the economy of the area.  The new stable replaces the Randwick based Newmarket Stables that the Inglis has used in the past one century. Mr. Ayres pointed out that moving to the new stable showed the confidence the Inglis had in the region and that it would be a catalyst for further investments. It will present a conference where horse sales in western Sydney will take place. On his part, Cr Waller said that she was confident that the development would attract investment in the western region.

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