Rachel King and Hugh Bowman Clash at Royal Randwick.

The gifted English Rider Rachel King takes on the world best Jockey Hugh Bowman this Saturday at the Royal Randwick. Rachel will be racing in her favorite distances, and the race will be a proof of equality on the turf.

Already, King has won 83 races in the past 12 months and is prepared to match Bowman in the 1000m and 1600m sprints. Even though Rachel is not as experienced as Bowman, she is certainly going to show that the weaker sex can match the men in the saddle.

Meanwhile, a talent scout has recommended that Kah should be imported to get a permanent riding in Hong Kong. The scout is remembered for sending Zack Purton to Hong Kong. Hong Kong is considered the most demanding turf theatre and Purton have used the turf to become an exceptional rider at every level.

Initially, the Jockey and the Spectator clubs refused women the right to train for no good reason and officials maintained a stiff resistance to allowing women to train because it was believed that by doing so, it would allow them to fall into the hands of bad men.

In France, prejudice has persisted. The Racing authority introduced a gender allowance of 2 kg in most of the races. In German, when Kirsty Milczareck came down in racing, the paramedics did not want to attend to her and was instead deposited at the ladies change room.  Australia and New Zealand were receptive to the female participation. Betty Lane led in seeking the license to allow women to train at Randwick while Gai Waterhouse fought hard against the Australian Jockey club to allow her to train. It can be remembered that the AIC did not want her to be given the opportunity but it was believed that the Fine Cotton and the Rob Waterhouse scandal were the main catalysts. She only got the license to train after winning in the Court of Appeal. As a result, she has become one of the most significant contributors to the racing industry. Gai Waterhouse is a great trainer for both horses and Jockeys. King is one of the jockeys who benefitted from Waterhouse training.  She has joined other graduates who include Nash Rawiller and Blake Shinn.

King has performed well over the years, and it is believed that horses run for King. In the New Year race, she was beaten by Napoleon ($61) by a half-length.


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