Why Neville Layt will be absent at Queanbeyan Boxing Day Race

Queanbeyan’s Boxing Day races will have to do without the furniture since Neville Layt will be spending his time with the family on the 26th of December. However, this does not mean that Layt will keep away from the stable on the Christmas Day despite the fact that he does not have a suitable runner in the races that will be held at Queanbeyan on Boxing Day. The veteran trainer has said that he is having a year off from the races.

Currently, the trainer has only three horses and has pushed aside the thoughts of retirement which would stop him from doing what he loves most. Layt makes two trips every day to the stable to feed the horses, clean the stable and prepare for future races.  In the afternoon, he catches up with friends to chat. He is not taking part in this year’s race because he believes that the horses he is currently having are too old and he does not think that they are suitable for the race.

Layt said that he is taking advantage of this situation to enjoy his Christmas time. He is considering having the Christmas at home with his family. According to him, it is the first time that he will be having Christmas with his family in 20years.  The races that are planned on Boxing Day are not suitable for his horses so he will be resting.

However, he said that it does not mean that the horses will be neglected. He will still attend to the stable at 5.am and get everything done before joining the rest of the family later in the day. Layt is already in the 70s, but he is not even thinking about retirement.  He is waiting for the upcoming sales, and he is hoping that he would be able to buy a horse that could win the Magic Millions.  He has on several occasions wondered what he could do in retirement. He is old alright, but he believes that he has got many young horses to train.  Most of the horses out there are untried, and he is confident that he only needs six months to covert a horse into another Karuta Queen.  He further said that he must keep on trying no matter what. All that he needs is the next six months. In fact, he was categorical that retirement had not entered his head.



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